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Company Rojal Novo mesto d.o.o. emerged in 2020 from Rojal, Avbar Tomo s.p. which was founded in 1995. We have a a goal to ensure quality end user products from world-renowned and best-selling brands in the world of sports and hunting weapons, weapon accessories, ammunition, optics and sights, hunting accessories such as knives, various tools, bags and clothes and other products, which we consider as an indispensable part of hunting as well as the world of sport. 

And so the desire for competition and wide assortment begun and with it the hunt for world leading manufacturers who are able to provide a wide range of products at extremely competitive and affordable prices.

Our advantage has grown to a point that we are not dependent on a specific, often only one European distributor, but we are independent agents and distributors of reputable manufacturers and exclusively buy only those products that are of superior quality and have excellent sales results worldwide!

To date, we have managed to get much further than we initially imagined we could. In Slovenia, we have become a messenger of large corporations and manufacturers of top quality products. Annually, we participate at the international weapons fair such as the IWA Germany, where we also absorb ideas for innovation and of course our professional knowledge.

It is because of all of these efforts that we are now able to support the manufacturers we represent, as well as knowledge learned through the years, that we like to share with you.

However the most important part of our business is the support we offer our customers and we dare to say that we are without competition. Not only that we are open and honest with you all the time, we also circumspect about the quality of our product range because we know that nothing is at 100% all the time. It is because of this fact that we review each product and thus reduce the risk for complaint from the end users. However, if it comes to complaints they are promptly resolved and we make sure that our customers are always satisfied.

On top of everything there's a workshop right behind our shop where there is enough space for creation, innovation and research, without which it is not easy to stay in this line of work. In our workshop, we can fix virtually anything and produce whatever we or our customers need. You could say that we are masters of metal processing and manipulation, even to such a limit that we could manufacture precision rifles without any problems.

We expand our offer on a monthly base and expand awareness of safe and constructive use of weapons through the organization of various meetings and events, which we happily call picnics, simply because there is always something good to eat.

If you ever happen to go through Novo mesto, we invite you to stop by our shop where you will learn first-hand all of the desired information, which is the source of a continuous search for knowledge and training that we want to share.

We always make sure that you are in the company of a friendly team.

See you!

Team Rojal

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