Delivery deadline

Shipment to any European country usually takes 4-6 business days. Mostly, it depends on the recipients country postal service entirely. After your package is prepared it is turned over to DPD and is shipped out of Slovenia the very next day. We cannot be held responsible if the package does not arrive on the deadline. Please note that we also cannot be held responsible for any packages seized by customs for whatever reason. We will not issue a refund for it.

Fast delivery and delivery free of charge

All orders received before 1.00 PM on Monday to Friday are packaged and shipped to our carrier the same day. All shipments leave our country the very next day. Each package is equipped with a tracking number witch can be tracked via the carriers tracking system. The link for tracking is sent to your e-mail after the package has been shipped. You can also visit

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs vary from country to country. Theres a list of countries with informational calculations on the bottom of this page. Please review the list. All calculations derive from a single package of standard dimensions and a weight up to 30kg.

We will contact you if weight is over 30kg or more than 1 package.

If your country isn't listed please contact us.

All shipments are carefully packed and secured for transport considering negligible handling also.

If the contents of your package consists of products that are fragile in nature, a special sticker is placed on the package ensuring that proper procedure will be taken for a safe transport. If package arrives damaged, take a photo and file the complaint to GLS immediately, then contact us.

Country Shipping Free shipping limit
Austria (AT) 14,00€ 200,00€
Belgium (BE) 14,00€ 200,00€
Bulgaria (BG) 28,00€ 500,00€
Croatia (HR) 7,00€ 100,00€
Cyprus (CY) 49,00€ 3.000,00€
Czech Republic (CZ) 20,00€ 300,00€
Denmark (DK) 16,00€ 300,00€
Estonia (EE) 25,00€ 400,00€
Finland (FI) 25,00€ 400,00€
France (FR) 20,00€ 300,00€
Germany (DE) 14,00€ 200,00€
Greece (GR) 89,00€ 10.000,00€
Hungary (HU) 20,00€ 300,00€
Ireland (IE) 28,00€ 500,00€
Italy (IT) 16,00€ 300,00€
Latvia (LV) 25,00€ 400,00€
Lithuania (LT) 20,00€ 300,00€
Luxembourg (LU) 14,00€ 200,00€
Malta (MT) 49,00€ 3.000,00€
Netherlands (NL) 14,00€ 200,00€
Poland (PL) 20,00€ 300,00€
Portugal (PT) 28,00€ 500,00€
Romania (RO) 25,00€ 400,00€
Slovakia (SK) 20,00€ 300,00€
Slovenia (SI) 6,00€ 150,00€
Slovenia (SI) 4,50€ 50,00€
Spain (ES) 25,00€ 400,00€
Sweden (SE) 25,00€ 400,00€
All other countries 200,00€ /
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