Fire Arms Purchase

You may also buy real firearms here on our website, but you need to meet few requirements.

First of all, you have to have a firearms license. We need your buying permit of desired firearm. This means you have to go to your Administration Office (like you always go when you want to buy a new firearm) and apply for a buying permit. Since you will not buy a firearm in your country but in other country, you have to ask for a EU Buying Permit. We are going to need a scan of this EU Buying Permit (with your ID or firearms license) and later also the original (you have to send it by regular post). Aditionaly we need you to fill and sign the Authorization Letter which you can find here. Please send a scan of filled Authorization letter, so we check it. Once we confirm your EU Buying Permit and Authorization Letter we are going to ask you to send the originals by post to our address.

Once we get them, we will apply for Slovenian Buying Permit in your name. Fee for permit is 71 EUR and 25 EUR for ammo buying permit.

When we get Slovenian Buying Permit, we will send you the firearm.


To sum things up, we need:

  1. scan of your Firearms License or ID
  2. scan of your EU Buying Permit and later the original
  3. scan of Authorization Letter and later the original


If law in your country does not require you to apply for Buying Permit, we need you to fill just the Authorization Letter and send it to us with your ID.


Please contact us for more details.

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