Češka Zbrojevka - CZ 75 B OMEGA
Manufacturer: Češka Zbrojevka
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Warranty (in months): 12
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With its all steel construction, The CZ 75 B Omega 9mm Pistol is in one word, robust! It feels like it is somewhat overbuilt but comfortable to carry and shoot, generating very little recoil. The pistol performed very well, being ergonomic and comfortable which aided in control-ability and accuracy.


The CZ 75 B Ω (Omega) features a double stack magazine with a 16 round capacity. The hammer forged barrel and superior materials used in the construction of this model will ensure an extended service life.

It also features a simpler, more robust version of the CZ 75’s trigger system. The interlocking design of the trigger mechanism’s parts allows for easy disassembly and reassembly without the need for tools, so taking the pistol down beyond a basic field strip is much easier than on a standard 75. Not only does this simplify maintenance, the trigger parts themselves are made of different materials, enhancing durability, operation life and reliability.

Like the standard CZ 75, the CZ 75 B Ω’s slide reciprocates on rails that are contained inside the entire length of the frame. The internally guided rail system results in a lower bore axis and reduced felt recoil.

Tested with 1000’s of rounds of factory ammunition, the CZ 75 B Ω 9mm Pistolperformed flawlessly.

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Category B 1
Caliber 9x19
Action Type Semi-Auto
Magazine Capacity 10
Barrel Length 74,6
Overall Length 168 mm
Weight 956 g

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