Aimsport - Silencer Triton no.4 7.7mm, 5/8x24 UNF
Manufacturer: Aimsport
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Warranty (in months): 12

TRITON No. 4 - Active Hunter is the silencer for the active hunter on the move who demands a compact size combined with impressive performance. With its compact size and low weight this is a perfect silencer also if you are shooting with low-magnification or non-magnifying optics - for example a red dot sight. Triton No. 4 is perfect for use in driven hunts especially if you are a dog handler. Triton No. 4 is optimized for .308 and 6.5x55 calibres but is also really effective on 30-06. Do you have more than one rifle and all with the same thread but in different calibers? If so, you can change fronts in any available caliber (optional extra).

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Item description

Calibres: 5.7/6.7 – 7.7 – 8.6 – 9.5 mm


Treads for max barreldiameter of 19,5mm:

½x20 UNF, ½x28 UNEF, 13x1, 14x1 and 15x1

Threads for max barreldiameter of 23mm:

5/8x18UNF, 5/8x24 UNEF, 16x1, 17x1 and 18x1


Note! Triton No. 4 can be special ordered with small threads (up to 15x1) for barrel diameter up to 23mm.


Length: 221 mm

Addition to barrel: 111 mm

Diameter: 44 mm

Weight: 350 g


Material: Stainless steel and aluminum with Soft-Touch surface

Noise reduction: 28dB (.308)

Warranty: 5 year

Made in Sweden

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