Aimsport - Silencer Triton no.5 FM 7.7mm, 5/8x24 UNEF.
Manufacturer: Aimsport
Visitor's rating: 4.0/5, number of votes: 4
Warranty (in months): 12

TRITON No. 5 - Front Performance Identical with Triton No. 5 but without the telescopic rear part which means that it can be fitted on any barrel length and barrel thickness. For you who wants a heavy-duty silencer and lower weight. Triton No. 5 FM is also available in cal. 45 for lever action rifles.

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Calibres: 5.7/6.7 – 7.7 – 8.6 – 9.5 mm. Also a version for cal .45



½x20 UNF, ½x28 UNEF, 13x1, 14x1, 15x1, 5/8x18UNF, 5/8x24 UNEF, 16x1, 17x1 and 18x1


NB! Cal 11.5 mm (.45) is only available in threads 5/8x24 UNEF and 17x1.


Length: 155 mm

Addition to barrel: 140 mm

Diameter: 49 mm

Weight: 330 g


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