ASG - STI Duty One 75 4.5
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Manufacturer: ASG
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Fill your hand with this pistol! Realism is important to lots of shooters, and this gun has it in spades.

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The STI Duty One pistol is about as realistic as you can get when it comes to 1911 air guns. The slide moves just as it would in a firearm. The air pistol is even better than the firearm...because you get 20 shots from a mag!

If you like the 1911 frame and can't get to the range to practice with your firearm, this gun will go a long way toward helping you maintain proficiency. You'll also save a lot of money by shooting steel BBs instead of live ammo.

Power source Co2
Caliber 4,5 mm
Action Type Semi-Auto
Velocity 115 m/s
Energy 2.4 J
Effective range 15 m
Cylinder Volume 1 CO2 (12g)
Number of Shots 30
Magazine Capacity 20
Barrel Length 11.5 cm
Overall Length 22 cm
Weight 830 g
License needed? No

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