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The new remarkably ergonomic GR-Stricker CO2 revolver is Gamo's latest edition to our extensive pistol line. Featuring 8x4,5mm shot chambers, tactical appearance, integral Picatinny accessory rails, adjustable fibre optic sights and polymer textured grip. The Gamo GR-Stricker combines the classical specks of a revolver with the modern refinements that our customers demand. A new history starts!

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What’s in a name? Gamo could not name their new Co2 revolver the Striker as they intended, so they added a ‘c’ for its full title of GR-Stricker. It’s a revolver so it has a swing-out cylinder and an exposed hammer, and it shoots lead pellets as opposed to the BBs normally found with Co2-powered pistols. The gun is very modern-looking thanks to the molded-on accessory rails on top of and below the barrel, as well as the open sights, which have high visibility add-ons.
The pistol grips add to a very modern look. They are the rubber, super-grip-type fitted to most top-end revolvers these days. The plastic cylinder takes eight pellets, and to gain access to it there is a spring-loaded latch under the barrel. Do not be fooled by the faux cylinder release catch molded onto the metal casting of the main frame. The plunger has to be held forward in order to swing the cylinder out to the left, and please note that this can only be done when the gun is not cocked.
The gun has a safety catch positioned right at the back of the action, tucked in behind the rear sight. The firing thumb for a right-hander can slide the catch to the right to set the gun on safe; it effectively blocks the hammer from striking the Co2 valve release, and I found I could use the same thumb to take it off. It displays a red dot when ready to fire. The very grippy grips come off to reveal the 12-gram bulb compartment on the right, and a simple thumbscrew pierces the Co2 canister.





Power source Co2
Caliber 4,5 mm
Action Type Single&Double Action
Velocity 120 m/s
Energy 3.5 J
Effective range 15 m
Cylinder Volume 1 CO2 (12g)
Number of Shots 50
Magazine Capacity 8
Barrel Length 8.5 cm
Overall Length 23 cm
Weight 650 g
License needed? No

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