Zoraki - HP-01 Ultra 6.35mm
Manufacturer: Zoraki
Visitor's rating: 4.7/5, number of votes: 4763
Warranty (in months): 12

An attractive air pistol with longer barrel for precise sport shooting by Zoraki

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Caliber 6.35 mm (.25). An attractive gas (air) pistol with longer barrel for compressed air, designed for precise sports shooting. The weapon is characterized by good workmanship and an ergonomic adjustable handle ensuring comfortable and accurate shooting. The inner pressure container is, by means of pumping the flip open top part, filled with air which drives a diabolo pellet. A sensitive trigger with the possibility of lateral and horizontal adjustment allows precise adjustment to the requirements of the shooter.

The Weaver 22 mm picantinny is placed under the barrel. The air container can be filled by 1,2 or 3 pump strokes of the slide. Thanks to this system, we can achieve different energies of the weapon.


Barrel length can be from 20cm to 50cm. Longer the barrel, higher the output energy. Please let us know in the comments what kind of length would you prefer.


  • 1x pump 93m/s - 0,48g
  • 2x pump 135m/s - 0,48g
  • 3x pump 155m/s - 0,48g





* please note that the print on the pistol always says caliber .22

Power source Multi Pump
Caliber 6,35 mm
Action Type Pump Action
Velocity 150 m/s
Energy 18 J
Effective range 15 m
Magazine Capacity 1
Barrel Length 28 cm
Overall Length 38 cm
Weight 1120 g
License needed? No

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