Evanix - Black Leopard 5,5
Manufacturer: Evanix
Visitor's rating: 4.2/5, number of votes: 24903
Warranty (in months): 12

Popolnoma nov evanixov lovski sistem z inovativnim rotacijskim magazinom, ki v kombinaciji z veliko zalogo stisnjenega zraka še kako pripomore k zahtevami strelca.

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Powerful rifle withlarge capacity air tank. Black Leopard is based on the famous rifle Evanix Rainstorm SL-SHB, but is equipped with additional cartridge instead of the cheek piece. Front cartridge can hold 260cc air and the additional 480cc. As the name suggest " Black Leopard, the gun is seat into a black polymer stock which is made in thumbhole style.

Grip of the
rifle is fitted with an engraving and the butt
is adjustable in the vertical direction.

The rifle is already delivered with a new magazines, which are developed for all EVANIX air rifles. Magazines are ready to use (You don´t need mechanism to rotate with magazines). A similar system also use English producer Daystate.

This airgun is equipped with magazine for 10pcs of pellets, so you do not have to worry about overcharging after each shot. The trigger is adjustable sideways and the resistance of trigger is adjustable too. Weapons Evanix are characterized by beautiful and accurate processing and high reliability.

Control of pressure
is situated in a different place from the other types. You can find it in back of the gun, near to cheakpiece.

experience: Very interesting rifle for shooters who require enough constant shots on one filling.
Black Leopard perfectly fits to your hand due to a thumbhole stock. The rifle is a little bit more heavy than the others but you can enjoy a huge capacity of air tanks.

Power source PCP
Caliber 5,5 mm
Action Type Bolt Action
Velocity 320 m/s
Energy 60 J
Effective range 80 m
Working Pressure 200 bar
Cylinder Volume 650 ccm
Number of Shots 70
Magazine Capacity 11
Barrel Length 50 cm
Overall Length 102 cm
Weight 3900 g

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