Crosman - Benjamin Discovery 4,5
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Manufacturer: Crosman
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The price star of the PCP world. High grade accuracy up to 100m and light weight.

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The price star of the PCP world. High grade accuracy and light weight.

Benjamin has bridged the gap and taken the pain out of PCP guns. Not only is this as low a price as you'll ever find on a PCP rifle, but it's so easy to pump up that a wispy teenager could do it!

The Discovery has raised the bar for PCP guns because it uses only 2000 psi of air. While the European companies race toward higher and higher air pressures, Benjamin is going the opposite direction and making it easier than ever to use a hand pump. If you want to use a scuba tank or carbon fiber tank, you can do that, too, and get the benefit of many more fills than you would from a gun that operates with 3000 psi. The Discovery gives you a choice! The air reservoir is 135cc. The air tank has a male Foster fitting.

The gun comes with a hardwood stock, Williams fiber optic front and rear sights, and a built-in air pressure gauge.

When you open your box, you'll see easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand instructions that'll lead you step-by-step. If you're an experienced PCP user, you'll soon see that the Discovery is the easiest PCP you've ever used. If you're new to PCPs, you'll become a pro in just a few short steps.

If you want to switch to CO2, that's easy to do, but you'll need a degasser tool to quickly exhaust all the air before filling with CO2. Attach the optional CO2 adapter, connect it to a standard paintball CO2 tank and fill 'er up! Now, commence to shootin'!

With high-pressure air, you'll get up to 30 powerful shots before you need to pump up again. On CO2, you'll get a lot more shots per fill.

The Discovery is made in America.

Power source PCP
Caliber 4,5 mm
Action Type Bolt Action
Velocity 305 m/s
Energy 20 J
Effective range 80 m
Working Pressure 150 bar
Cylinder Volume 135 ccm
Number of Shots 30
Magazine Capacity 1
Barrel Length 61 cm
Overall Length 100 cm
Weight 2300 g

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