Evanix - GTK-290 5,5
Manufacturer: Evanix
Visitor's rating: 4.3/5, number of votes: 22581
Warranty (in months): 12

Compared to Giant X2, A bit cheaper 22.cal full auto air rifle by Evanix. The GTK-290 with true potential for lots of fun. You can try using it against various materials to see the penetration, knock down and hydro shock effect. Despite the power it is not too loud because of it's "shroud" barrel but still don't expect to have a "quiet" sunday afternoon with it.

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Item description

Tech details

Evanix GTK-290 with an upgraded electro motor in .22 cal.


Tested alluminum frame with new upgrades makes this PCP carbine a very usefull and appealing to eyes if you like futuristic designs. The Koreans are absolutely masters in fusion of old and new technology and materials which are used in the production process.


The stock is made from alluminium with adjustable by height shoulder absorber.


The grip is a pistol grip and is suitable for left and right handed.


The trigger is electronic and is not adjustable.


There are 2 magazines included with 11 diabole capacity. (22 combined)


The gun comes without optics.


Piccatiny rail for mounting optics on this base.


You have to be at least 18 years old to buy this rifle.

Power source PCP
Multishot Yes
Caliber 5,5 mm
Action Type Semi-Auto
Velocity 300 m/s
Energy 50 J
Effective range 70 m
Working Pressure 200 bar
Cylinder Volume 290 ccm
Number of Shots 40
Magazine Capacity 11
Barrel Length 48,2 cm
Weight 3900 g

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