FX - Monsoon 5,5
Manufacturer: FX
Visitor's rating: 3.9/5, number of votes: 24768
Warranty (in months): 12

Monsoon as a name itself tells you that there are some changes going on in the air. So it is also with this rifle which has a similar semi auto system like the revolution which provides extremely silent shooting without supressors. The gun has no recoil!

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How many times have you heard of a semi auto airgun before which is extremely accurate and powerful in .22 cal in semi or single shot mode?


Such thing is possible only with FX Monsoon or with a bit more expensive version, FX Revolution.


The kinnetic energy released by this extremely powerful Monsoon is only  5J smaller than Revolution's energy.


K Kinetika, ki se sprošča pri temu neverjetno močnemu Monsoonu je le za 5J manjša kot pri Revolution puški.


The magazine holds up to 12 diaboles in the .22 cal version.


Lothar Walther 50cm barrel will take care of projectile hiting it's target with surgical precision.


Available in synthetic or wodden (wallnut) version with adjustable shoulder shock absorber in both versions and a thumb hole which will provide a firm grip.


The wooden stock version makes the gun weigh 3.4 kg.


It has a bit smaller tank but you'll still be able to enjoy in 40 equally powered shots before it needs a refill.


The gun is with manometer and without optics!


It includes 11mm "Dovetail" rails.


You have to be 18 years old or more to buy this airgun!


*optics not included in the price.

Power source PCP
Caliber 5,5 mm
Action Type Semi-Auto
Velocity 275 m/s
Energy 36 J
Effective range 90 m
Working Pressure 220 bar
Cylinder Volume 180 ccm
Number of Shots 40
Magazine Capacity 8 , 12
Barrel Length 50 cm
Overall Length 109 cm
Weight 3100 g

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