FX - Royale 500
Manufacturer: FX
Visitor's rating: 3.9/5, number of votes: 24747
Warranty (in months): 12

We all know how the saying goes "The bigger, the better!". This 400 in .25cal has an extended matchgrade "Smooth Twist" barrel that allows precision made shots at over 100m. Imagine the versatility when you combine range with power.

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The Royale 400 .25cal sports all of the features of the 400 .22cal series rifle with a few exceptions. This 400 is a .25 caliber with a longer smooth twist match grade barrel to provide maximum performance. The 400 comes as standard with the patented
power adjuster with repeatable power settings. Available with a synthetic or luxurious walnut stock the 400 is much lighter than it appears and can be carried in the field for extended periods of time. Super high power and recoil free, the Royale 400 is the best for larger pest and long range shooting. Regulator is also available as an upgrade.



Scope not included.

Power source PCP
Caliber 6,35 mm
Action Type Sidelever
Velocity 270 m/s
Energy 60 J
Effective range 100 m
Working Pressure 220 bar
Cylinder Volume 400 ccm
Number of Shots 50
Magazine Capacity 11
Barrel Length 60 cm
Overall Length 119.5 cm
Weight 3200 g

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