Gamo - EXTREME CO2 5.5
Manufacturer: Gamo
Visitor's rating: 4.6/5, number of votes: 24619
Warranty (in months): 36

Welcome to the era of air pump guns. With .177 cal Extreme CO2 you will not struggle with reloading after each shot. Rotational magazine will do this job while you enjoy the freedom of free shooting with maximum focus. Extreme CO2 has the option of PCP upgrade which boosts speed and power.

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Tech details

The EXTREME CO2 is powered by al 88gram CO2 cartridge.


The Extreme CO2 gun a is a multi-shot, speed pump repeater capable of shooting ten .22 caliber magnum pellets from a rotary magazine in under 8 seconds with full power.


The special short stroke pump action requires minimal effort allowing the shooter to stay on target at all times.

Each gun is fitted with Gamo’s new precision rifled, composite bull barrel fitted with adjustable fiber optic sights . Up to 120 shots can be achieved with a single 88gram cylinder. One of the perks: it has the option to be converted to PCP which boosts speed and power of the rifle.

Power source Co2
Caliber 5,5 mm
Action Type Pump Action
Velocity 200 m/s
Energy 20 J
Effective range 50 m
Number of Shots 100-150
Magazine Capacity 10
Barrel Length 45 cm
Overall Length 110 cm
Weight 3500 g

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