Kral Arms - Puncher Mega 5,5 Walnut Wood
Manufacturer: Kral Arms
Visitor's rating: 4.7/5, number of votes: 5212
Warranty (in months): 12
Power Tuning:
Trigger Adjustment:
Pressure Regulator:
Lothar Walther Barrel:
Original barrel in the package:
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If you decide to select Lothar Walther barrel, the accuracy will increase drastically. We order barrels directly from LW, so delivery time of the rifle will increase for about 2-3 weeks (we need to get the barrels and them machine them).  Comes with stock rail.


*Please note that the scope is not included.

Power source PCP
Regulated pressure No
Multishot Yes
Caliber 5,5 mm
Action Type Sidelever
Energy 48 J
Effective range 70 m
Working Pressure 220 bar
Cylinder Volume 330 ccm
Number of Shots 30
Magazine Capacity 12
Barrel Length 58 cm
Overall Length 110 cm
Weight 3500 g

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