RTI - Externally Adjustable Pressure Regulator
Manufacturer: RTI
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Externally Adjustable Pressure Regulator for Priest To satisfy the most advanced shooters, we offer a new pressure regulator for Priest series which allows the shooter to adjust pressure externally without having to empty the tank. Pressure can be regulated from 50 bar to 200 bar.

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This regulator can be fitted to any Priest airgun or any other rifle with the same thread (G1/2-14).


It features two pressure gauges (one shows pressure in the non regulated area and second shows regulated pressure) a filling nipple and a screw where the pressure can be regulated from 50 bar to 200 bar with an allen wrench.


Externally Adjustable Pressure Regulator works best with the Extended Stock which allows a shooter to adjust hammer spring tension to desired setting, so optimal performance can be achieved.


It can be bought as an addition and can be fitted on all the Priests (old or new) and other rifles with the same thread. Thread on the bottle side is M18x1.5. Thread on the output side is G1/2-14.

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