Evanix - Speed 5,5
Manufacturer: Evanix
Visitor's rating: 4.8/5, number of votes: 24714
Warranty (in months): 12

Evanix created an innovative fusion of PCP and electric powered air rifle and can definitely brag with it. Speed is the right name for this one because you're going to deplete your ammunition fast, so you better stock up!

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With merging electric loading system and PCP powered air rifle with fully automatic action you get a powerful and fast firing hunting system. Mount a good scope and clear your ranch in no time


With this innovation Evanix has fulfilled the consumers need for a more action packed rifle that cuts down time for doing choirs. Even though the groups should theoretically be more inconsistent in full-auto when compared to semi-automatic mode, Speed still does the job admirably. This rifle can cope with any situation simply because it can deliver enough energy downrange to take out small to medium size game.


The barrel is Shrouded through the entire length of the barrel.


You can mount a scope on the 11mm or 21mm "Double Dovetail" rails.


A double magazine with capacity for 22 pellets is available.


Package contains 1 filling adapter, 1 spare 11-shot magazine and spare O-ring seals.


Scope is not included in the package.

Power source PCP
Caliber 5,5 mm
Action Type Semi-Auto
Velocity 300 m/s
Energy 50 J
Effective range 70 m
Working Pressure 200 bar
Cylinder Volume 290 ccm
Number of Shots 40
Magazine Capacity 11
Barrel Length 48,2 cm
Overall Length 106 cm
Weight 3900 g

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