PCP pump by Borner With Dryrer

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Borner DRY-Pump PCP pump with dryer
The Borner Dry-Pump PCP pump with a dryer is a high-pressure pump, thanks to which we can fill the air rifle cartridge with compressed air. The pump is equipped with a readable pressure gauge, particle air filter and a comfortable base.
The biggest advantages of the pump are the reduction of costs associated with the operation of the PCP airgun, mobility and independence from regular visits to cylinder filling points.
There is a dehumidifier in the handle of the pump , which removes moisture from the air forced into the air rifle cartridge, thus protecting against corrosion.

Features of the Borner pump:
•Profiled, rubber handles with high adhesion,
•unscrewed high-pressure hose with a reinforced structure,
•operating pressure 250 Bar,
•the set includes a quick connector for connection with fill-nipple type tips,
•legible pressure gauge with scale from 0 to 400 Bar,
•a particle filter removes moisture and protects against corrosion,
•stable base,
•fits most popular cartridges available on the market, incl. Hatsan, Air Arms and Walther.
After filling the cartouche, a 15-minute break is recommended, during which the pump reduces its temperature. In order to remove excess air and moisture, gradually open the pressure valve at the bottom of the pump.
Attention! Always release the pressure valve before disconnecting the pump from the cartridge.

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