Crosman - Marlin Cowboy 4.5
Manufacturer: Crosman
Visitor's rating: 4.0/5, number of votes: 4
Warranty (in months): 12

Zelo privlačna puška priznanega proizvajalca Crosman, lever action puška bo razveselila vsakega otroka saj je primerja za začetnike kateri se spoznavajo z orožjem in tudi za entuziaste starega orožja.

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This bb gun is styled for shooters who appreciate the nostalgia of old-west Cowboy Action Shooters. The Cowboy is classic in its look and feel. Sized for youngsters, its ideal for entry-level shooters and intended to satisfy the demands of young shooters at any skill level.

The innovative, ratcheted lever helps protect young shooters from the annoying lever snap-back noticed on some other lever-action rifles. The ratcheted lever remains in position until its fully cocked before allowing it to gently return to the stock--no matter how far its cocked. This BB gun is both lightweight and dependable, making it the right choice for developing lifelong shooting and marksmanship skills and for teaching safety.

Power source Multi Pump
Caliber 4,5 mm
Action Type Bolt Action
Velocity 90 m/s
Energy 2 J
Effective range 15 m
Overall Length 91 cm
Weight 1100 g

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