Daisy - Powerline 35 4,5
Manufacturer: Daisy
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Daisy Powerline 35 shoots BBs and pellets and it does so with amazing power.

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Less than 1,2 kg., it's a great starter air rifle.


The Daisy Powerline model 35 BB gun takes 3 to 10 pumps to send BBs up to 190m/s. The texture on the grip and pump handle make it that much easier to get a grip and stay on target. Ideal for plinking and target shooting.


It's so light that you can shoot all day! Suitable for younger shooters (with adult supervision) and smaller adults. The shooter and everyone in the range area should wear safety glasses when guns are present. Remember to remove all pets from the shooting area, as they may become excited. Plus, steel BBs can ricochet and could bounce back and hit them.


Never shoot steel BBs at hard objects (metal plates, falling plates, etc.) or water, as both increase the chances of ricochet. Lead pellets can also ricochet, but not as often as BBs.

Power source Multi Pump
Caliber 4,5 mm
Velocity 150 m/s
Energy 6J
Barrel Length 42,5 cm
Overall Length 87 cm
Weight 1600 g

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