Gamo - Black Knight Mach 1 IGT 5.5
Manufacturer: Gamo
Visitor's rating: 4.6/5, number of votes: 9282
Warranty (in months): 36

Pure Bull power with sights for close aiming.

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New Gamo rifle from "power" family is specially designed for maximum power. The power itself is generated by the perfect balance of 33mm compression chamber combined with a stronger spring. It has the C.A.T. (upgraded S.A.T.) and SWA technology.

Beside greater power, Black Knight is equiped with new C.A.T. triggering mechanism. This technology ensures ultra smooth 2 level trigger action with adjustable 1. and 2. level. WIth safe cocking system it is a very safe gun. The stock is equiped with adjustable technology for vibration absorbtion SWABull Barrel provides protection against corrosion and much quieter action with futuristic appearance.


The stock is ambidextrous so it is suitable for left and right handed shooters. The gun already has the11mm "Dovetail" rails mounted which include the recoil block.


You need to be 18 to buy this gun. Please send us a copy or a scan of your ID when you place the order



*The Black Bull Mach 1 And Black Knight IGT are the same air rifles. They both have a 33 mm oversized chamber, new IGT technology (INERT GAS TECHNOLOGY), CAT (Custom Action Trigger). The guns are identical in technology. The only thing that is different is the barrel. The Black Knight IGT has the "standard" barrel type (with sights). The Black Bull has a the same barrel but has plastic coating on it and without sights. The Black Knight will come with Black bull stamp on it and with Black Bull box.

Power source Gas ram (Nitro piston)
Caliber 5,5 mm
Action Type Break Barrel
Velocity 240 m/s
Energy 29 J
Effective range 70 m
Weight 3000 g

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