Gamo - P-900 Truglo
Manufacturer: Gamo
Visitor's rating: 4.2/5, number of votes: 24069
Warranty (in months): 36

Gamo presents the new air pistol P-900 with an ergonomic design that will allow you to have better precision when shooting and more equilibrium of it while handling. Enjoy the power of this pistol like you have never done it before!

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A lightweight, rugged air pistol. Break barrel action and easy to use making is a great pistol for beginners. Great low price.


Gamo air pistols are very well made and have a good reputation for quality and value for money.  The P900 is particularly parent friendly.  After the pitch of the gun you only need to buy lead pellets for it, and that’s it.  Being spring operated means the gun will last a very long time, before requiring re-springing.


The gun is light enough that most members of the family shouldn’t have too much trouble holding it up and shooting it.

Power source Spring
Caliber 4,5 mm
Action Type Break Barrel
Velocity 105 m/s
Energy 2,7 J
Effective range 15 m
Magazine Capacity 1
Barrel Length 16 cm
Overall Length 32 cm
Weight 580 g
License needed? No

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