Gamo - PR-725
Manufacturer: Gamo
Visitor's rating: 4.0/5, number of votes: 4

The Gamo PR-725 is so realistic- your friends will have a hard time telling the difference between this and a firearm, with its steel frame and all-weather black silicon finished grip.

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The PR-725 revolver is an extremely realistic full-metal airgun based on Gamo’s PR-776 model, which has already conquered the gun rooms of thousands of airgun lovers around the world. Powered by a 12gr CO2 cartridge, its 2.5’’ fluted steel barrel makes it a really ergonomic, light and agile gun, outshining its 7.6’’ version (PR-776) performance in terms of maneuverability and short-distance shooting quickness. This exceptional revolver features a sliding texturized polymer grip, which guarantees an extremely fast and easy C02 cartridge replacement.

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