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Finally, the GAMO Replay-10 MAGNUM, which will revolutionize the world of compressed air "break barrel" rifles, comes to light.

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Gamo Replay X Magnum IGT Air Rifle

We often say that life is about choosing, but ... would you choose if you could have everything? 24 Joules of pure power, SWA ™ recoil absorption system with multiple pads, faster recharge technology on the market ...

Designed with a sleek black matte stock, the Gamo Replay 10 Magnum IGT presents for the first time a compressed air rifle with a full 33mm cylinder that includes the brand's exclusive 10x Multishot technology.

The Gamo Replay 10 Magnum IGT is a solid-looking air rifle that features Gamo's Quick Shot® 10x technology, making it the most powerful multi-shot cannon airgun ever created.

This exclusive system is based on a multi-shot rotary loader that allows the shooter to fire up to 10 shots without touching a single shot, improving user autonomy, reducing recharge times and providing a more dynamic, agile and satisfactory.

This model also includes a CAT ™ two-stage adjustable trigger that guarantees a smooth and personalized shot, a next-generation recoil reduction system (RRR ™), an outstanding SWA ™ multi-pass back-up absorption system


Main features of the Replay X Magnum IGT

· SWA technology

· Gamo Power 33m Cylinder

· RRR technology recoil reduction strip

· CAT trigger

· 10x Quick Shot Technology

· Length: 121cm

· Weight: 3kg

· Velocity ​​4.5mm: 305 m / s

· Velocity​​5.5mm: 220 m / s




Power source Gas ram (Nitro piston)
Caliber 5,5 mm
Action Type Break Barrel
Velocity 380 m/s
Energy 45 J
Effective range 70 m
Magazine Capacity 10
Overall Length 121 cm

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