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ZERO SNIPER is a special ammunition case dedicated to marksmanship and precision shooting. Contained within are REPLICA Cartridges of the four calibers which today form the basis of Military Sniping, Law Enforcement and Long Range Shooting Competitions.

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These Sniper Calibers range from the .308 (7.62 NATO) which is equipped in the M40 Rifle used by Snipers in the USMC for short range sniping right up to the .50 BMG which is chambered in the famous BARRET M82 and sees action in various N.A.T.O. Regiments around the world. In addition to these two stalwarts are the .300 WIN MAG and the .338 LAPUA MAGNUM which both boast stunning ballistic performance.      

Tailor-made for professional SNIPING shooters, ZERO SNIPER is a perfect tribute to the art of precision shooting.

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