Led Lenser - MH10 Headlamp 5 Years Warranty RECHARGEABLE
Manufacturer: Led Lenser
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Warranty (in months): 12

Small, affordable headlamp perfect for camping, hiking, trekking. 600lm, 150m, 120h

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Item description

The new, lightweight Ledlenser MH10 headlamp with quick charging function is the perfect companion for any outdoor tour. The latest battery technology and a USB 3.0 connection ensure the fastest charging and guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. The extreme luminosity, a high luminous duration of up to 120 hours and the outstanding quality make this headlamp a true Ledlenser.


Key Facts and Features

  • Maximum light output: 600 lumens 1

  • Low power consumption: Up to 120 hours runtime 2

  • High luminous range: Up to 150 meters 1

  • Defies any weather: Waterproof (IPX6)

  • Low weight: only 158 grams

  • Modern high performance rechargeable battery with USB 3.0 charging cable

  • Speed ​​Charging function: 80% charge after 240 minutes, 100% after 480 minutes

  • Built-in Temperature Control: Overheat protection

  • Filter caps (red, green, yellow, blue) included

  • High wearing comfort

  • Interchangeable, comfortable headband (washable)

  • Swiveling light head for perfect illumination

  • Integrated red LED for glare-free night vision with flashing function

  • Built-in red taillight for added safety

  • Easy operation: Convenient switch ensures single-handed operation

  • 7 years warranty 4

  • Comprehensive accessories included, including filter caps and belt pouch


lighting functions

  • Power function: High light output for any situation

  • Mid-Power Function: Energy-saving bright light

  • Low power function: Economical light for long durations, glare-free reading and working



  • SmartLight Technology: Individually programmable sensing and switching combination

  • Advanced Focus System (AFS): Infinitely adjustable near and main light

  • RapidFocus: For fast-changing the light mode (focus / defocus)

  • Speed ​​Charging function: 80% charge after only 240 minutes. 100% after 480 minutes

  • Temperature Control: Protects wearers from burns and LEDs from overheating


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