Ghost - Rigid Carbon IPSC 4cm pas velikost 120 cm
Manufacturer: Ghost
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Dutty Belt 50mm

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Brand: GHOST international, Category: Belts

Carbon belt is a rigid Cordura belt for IPSC and USPSA competition use. Provided with a Velcro and inner belt for pants belt loops. Comfortable yet rigid enough to securely carry lots of weight.


How to select the correct belt size:
In order to figure out the correct size of the belt you need:
• to measure around your waist (the place where the belt would be carried on),
• add 25 cm meant for overlapping,
• choose the received number from the chart of belt sizes and lengths.

If you are wavering between two sizes – choose the biggest one. Keep in mind that clothes you are wearing while shooting always add some centimeters to your waist measurements.

For example:
If you waist length is 96cm do the following:
96 cm. + 25 cm. = 121 cm.
Looking at the chart you can see that you number in between 120 and 130 cm. (“Total length” column).
Choosing the biggest number gives you the correct length of your belt – it’s 130 cm.
It means than your correct size on the belt 110.



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