Gamo - Hunter 1250 "Grizzly" Mach 1
Manufacturer: Gamo
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Hunter 1250 Grizzly Pro combines a bear's natural elegance and fierce agression.

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Designed on a wooden stock, this air gun stands out for its sublime details: metallic barrel block, 33mm GAMO's cylinder, which provides a supernatural strength from its IGT power system, and Whisper silencing technology which calms down the beast and makes it more precise and controllable.



- PERFECT FIT: the new ERGOGAMO synthetic thumbhole all weather stock provides maximum comfort and grip for both right-handed and left-handed shooters.


- ON TARGET: Gamo’s latest 49cm (19inch) barrel with an increased twist rate of 1/22 has been specifically developed for the G-Magnum 1250 thus assisting its increased velocity and accuracy.


- FEELING: the C.A.T (Custom Action Trigger) feature allows the shooter to independently adjust the trigger pull to his or her preference. Maximum trigger control – Maximum performance


- POWER: With its 33mm on-board Gamo Power cylinder, the New G-magnum 1250 delivers a higher volume of air than ever before: up to 36 Joules of energy when you need it most


- LIFESPAN: the new Triple R (Recoil Reducing Rail) scope rail has been specifically designed to decrease the amount of shock/stress that is delivered to scopes by high powered air rifles.


- NO PAIN: the SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) butt pad has been precisely designed by Gamo to increase the recoil absorption experienced by shooting. Tests show a considerable shock reduction by up to 74% of felt recoil.



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You need to be 18 to buy this gun. Please send us a copy or a scan of your ID when you place the order.

Power source Gas Ram
Caliber 5,5 mm
Action Type Break Barrel
Velocity 380 m/s
Energy 45 J
Effective range 70 m
Barrel Length 49 cm
Weight 3700 g

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