Kral Arms - Puncher Np-03 Synthetic 5.5
Manufacturer: Kral Arms
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Kral Arms is Turkish manufacturer of shotguns and airguns.

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These guns are produced with the highest level of technology combined with traditional handcraft.



KRAL Puncher NP-03 Air Pistol has a removable, adjustable check peace and telescopic stock. It has a adjustable power system so you can get more shots. It operates at 200 bar pressure. The tube volume is 105 cc.

The pistol comes with:
  • 2x Magazine
  • Fill probe

Power source PCP
Regulated pressure No
Multishot Yes
Caliber 5.5 mm
Action Type Sidelever
Energy 25 J
Effective range 70 m
Working Pressure 200 bar
Cylinder Volume 180 ccm
Number of Shots 15
Magazine Capacity 12
Barrel Length 40 cm
Overall Length 72cm -63cm 44cm
Weight 2300g 1900g
License needed? No

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