Led Lenser - MT18 Flashlight 3000lm
Manufacturer: Led Lenser
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Warranty (in months): 12

The punchy MT18 is equally at home in searching situations as it is placed upright on a table in a remote hut, to give general lighting. Charged via USB, the light is always ready to report its remaining capacity with an indicator positioned in front of the switch. 3000lm, 540m, 94h

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Item description

The new, rechargeable Ledlenser MT18 flashlight is an impressive lighthouse and the reliable companion of any outdoor tour. With the innovative X-Lens Technology, it offers an outstanding luminosity of more than 500 meters and a high luminosity of up to 3000 lumens. Equipped with the practical Speed ​​Charging function, the MT18 is recharged in the shortest possible time.

Key Facts and Features

  • Maximum light output: 3000 lumens 1

  • Low power consumption: Up to 96 hours runtime 2

  • High luminous range: up to 540 meters 1

  • Defies any weather: Splash-proof (IPX4)

  • Low weight: only 620 grams

  • Speed ​​Charging function: 80% battery charging after 240 min., 100% after 480 min.

  • Built-in Temperature Control: Overheat protection

  • Innovative front switch: Lamp can stand upright and be used as room lighting

  • Intelligent control: all SLT light functions (Power, Mid Power, Low Power, Strobe) can be selected with soft transition to thumb pressure

  • Battery status indicator and charge indicator in the front switch

  • Easy operation: fast switching and focusing with one hand!

  • Gently light up and down

  • Transport lock: no unwanted switching on in the luggage


lighting functions

  • Power function: High light output for any situation

  • Mid-Power Function: Energy-saving bright light

  • Low power function: Economical light for long durations, glare-free reading and working



  • SmartLight Technology: Individually programmable sensing and switching combination

  • Advanced Focus System (AFS): Infinitely adjustable near and main light

  • RapidFocus: For fast-changing the light mode (focus / defocus)

  • Speed ​​Charging function: 80% charge after only 240 minutes. 100% after 480 minutes

  • Temperature Control: Protects wearers from burns and LEDs from overheating

  • X-Lens Technology


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