MIL-TEC - Solzivec (Pepper Spray) 40 ml FOG
Manufacturer: MIL-TEC
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Small, compact 40ml fog anti dog pepper spray for self defense.

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Small, compact 40ml anti dog pepper spray for self defense.



Volume: 40 ml
Dimensions: 9 x 3,5 cm

- with practical belt clip
- jet = spray jet
- non-combustible spray jet
- range up to 5 m
- with highly concentrated pepper concentrate Oleoresin Capsicum
- with patented panic lock
- 11% OC and over 2,5 Mio SHU′s

Canister is under pressure: exposing the canister to extreme temperatures may lead to explosion. Don′t expose to direct sun light and temperatures above 50°C/122°F. May cause irritations of the respiratory tract. Causes severy irritations of eyes. Causes irritation and burning of the affected area of skin.
Safety precautions:
Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to high temperatures, hot surfaces, sparks, open fire and other sources of ignition. Do not smoke. Do not puncture or incinerate the canister even not after emptying the can.
If your skin got exposed to pepper spray wash the affected area with fresh water.
If you get pepper spray in your eyes, be sure to immediately flush your eyes for several minutes with cool water. If you have contacts in your eye, take them out immediately. Keep on flushing your eyes.

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