Sig Sauer - X-SIX Supermatch
Manufacturer: Sig Sauer
Visitor's rating: 4.0/5, number of votes: 4
Warranty (in months): 24

The X series meets the extremely high demands of ambitious shooters in perfection.

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Exceptional Sig Sauer 226 X-SIX Supermatch. 
Main features: 
- 6-inch barrel - higher weight for better handling
- Stainless finish - high quality, durable processing
- Long line of sight - for increased precision

Other features:
- Grip with Picatinny rail
- X-Line G10 handle scales
- Extended magazine holder
- Aluminum jet tunnel
- Extended magazine bottom (aluminum)
- Black control panels
- Skeletonized hammer
- Standard grain
- Sport disassembly lever
- Straight sport trigger
- Trigger weight adjustable
- Trigger distance adjustable
- Trigger stop adjustable
- Adjustable SAO trigger
- Steel handle with 1913 rail
Category B 1
Caliber 9x19
Action Type Semi-Auto
Caliber 9x19
Magazine Capacity 19
Barrel Length 152 mm
Overall Length 250 mm
Weight 1370 g
Barrel Length 11 cm
Weight 1196 g

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