Mantis - X3 / Firearms training system
Proizvođač: Mantis
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This product attaches to a handgun and helps you improve your shooting skills and train more efficiently.

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How does it work?

- MantisX is attached to a handgun (over Picatinny), system detects and analyzes every shot you make and generates information about your micro movements just before every shot is fired

- works with live fire, dry fire, airsoft and CO2

- installation of smartphone app is needed (devices are paired via Bluetooth); App is available on AppStore and on Google Play (updated every 4-8 weeks)

- data is collected and the program evaluates your shooting performance and identifies areas of improvement; the training device analyzes your shots and shows the pattern of your movement

- program also tracks progress over time and provides suggestions coaching that will improve your mechanics

- MantisX can be used by individuals, instructors or agencies to help with training anytime and anywhere

- patent-pending

Data display:

- program tracks your movement and shows you direction (movement of handgun's barrel during the trigger pull), magnitude (discover patterns in your shooting technique) and impact (of each shot on your overall score)



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