Shilba - HRW 8x42
Proizvođač: Shilba
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The Shilba 8x42 binoculars are at the top of the Shilba manufacturer offer. This binocular is designed for the most demanding observers on hiking, birdwatching, sports, travel or holiday. The binoculars have a direct design, a green rubber coating and a polycarbonate body. All this ensures comfortable grip and comfortable and long-term observation. Odyssey Shilb Binoculars are waterproof, hermetically sealed, dust-proof, nitrogen-filled and can be used in any weather. Individual HI-Resolution lenses are manufactured in Japan. The high-quality picture is taken care of by BaK4 glass prisms, all lenses are treated with a high-quality anti-reflective coating. Focusing is set by a central pin that has a smooth running, dioptric correction is controlled on the right eyepiece. Thanks to the retractable eyepiece, the Binoculars is also suitable for people wearing glasses. The binoculars come with hinged caps to help eliminate them. The bin for the binoculars, the strap and the cleaning cloth is still in the pack.

Podesivo povećanje Ne
Maksimalno povećanje 8 x
Promjer leće 42 mm
Ostale značajke Otporno na maglu , Otporno na vodu


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