Zoraki - R1 2,5" 6mm Black
Proizvođač: Zoraki
Ocjena mušterija: 4.4/5, broj glasova: 13095
Garancija (u mjesecima): 12

Signal revolver Zoraki with 2.5'' barrel in black color, 6mm version. The revolver is suitable for shooting 15mm signal cartridges and explosive rounds. The barrel mount is included in the package. You have to be 18 to buy it.

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* Please note that no matter the bore size, item will be always sent as Top Fire.

This type of guns are illegal in some countries. Check the local authorities before purchasing this item.

We can not be held responsible for any illegal actions using our pistols.

DO NOT even ask us about any real ammo modifications or silencers. It is illegal and we will NOT do it.

Težina 760 g
Kapaciteta spremnika 9
Action Type Double action/single action (DA/SA)
Kalibar .22 Long
Duljina 186 mm


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