Dear Sirs,


We are currently finishing the new FX order. Since there are a lot of options to choose from, we will not order every model. By this said you can email us with your order of whichever model you would like and we will give you the price (best price, of course). You can then prepay it and assure you get it. We expect to get the shipment within two months.


We will finish gathering preorders on Wednesday. Hurry up.


New interesting models which you can preoder (among others) are,

Bobcat in all calibers

Indy in all calibers

Boss .30cal

Field Target/Bench Rest competition rifles in all calibers

And the rest...


This is the second part of Christmas special. We are adding 3 more air rifles to the list., so total 6 airguns and bunch of other stuff.


This year we are a bit late with the Christmas specialties, but better late than never.

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