Finally! Evanix is back on our shelves. Beside well known Sniper, Blizzard, Hunting master and Rainstorm, we got some new goodies. We present to you REX-KT. With 80J of pure power in 6.35mm (.25 cal). this firecracker packs 30 shots. Let’s be honest, you only need one good shot.  If you’re still not impressed, we got some real heavy stuff  here. Sniper X2 in .50 cal with 350J of power…There is nothing to add.


Dear customers!


We're glad to present you a new much cheaper alternative shipping option via Slovenian national post for all small orders in all EU countries.


Greetings Shooters!


We have started planning this year's new Crosman and Evanix order, so here is your chance to preorder everything you need to guarantee you get it.


Make sure you don't miss it!

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