We are collecting preorders for Falcon scopes. Most of the models have first focal reticle with true mildot. Clicks are also in MRADs, so they correspond to the reticle. So, one click is 0.1MRAD, which means 10 clicks are 1MRAD which is 1 mildot on the reticle.


There is also a famous T50 10-50x60 FT LMS scope which is by far best FT scope in its price range used by professionals.


If you are interested, please email us asap.



4-14x44FFP €349.00
5.5-25x50FFP €419.00
5.5-25x56FFP €419.00
4-14x44IR FFP €399.00
5.5-25x50IR FFP €469.00
1.5-5x30IR €199.00
10x42 €289.00
T35 35x56 €419.00
T50 10-50x60 FT LMS €590.00

We are making an order of FX airguns. Please select your FX airgun and preorder it now to assure to get it!


This is the second part of Christmas special. We are adding 3 more air rifles to the list., so total 6 airguns and bunch of other stuff.

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