Restricted Products

You can purchase products which require buying permit or are 18+ at us

18+ Products

At Rojal Armory some products are intended exclusively for adults aged 18 and older. To ensure compliance with legal regulations and responsible selling practices, we will require customers to provide a valid form of identification to verify their age when purchasing these items. The ID verification process can typically be completed at the checkout stage, where customers will be prompted to upload a copy of their identification document, such as a driver's license, passport, or ID card. Information required are name, address and date of birth. Other information can be hidden when sending an ID.

Our commitment to safety and regulatory compliance is paramount, and we take all necessary steps to prevent the sale of age-restricted products to minors. By uploading their ID, customers help us maintain a secure and responsible shopping environment.

Firearm Purchase (Buying Permit)

In addition to age-restricted products, some items available in Rojal Armory may require customers to obtain a buying permit before product can be shipped. This typically involves products such as firearms and ammunition which are subject to legal regulations as by defined by Slovenian Weapons Act.

For these products, customers will be requested to provide both the required buying permit, ID and a valid authorization letter (power of attorney) which should be communicated via email. The authorization letter allows us to apply for Slovenian buying permit at our local office in your name. Buying permit tax is 71 EUR for firearms and 25 EUR for ammunition.

Our team ensures that customers have a straightforward process to provide the necessary documentation, facilitating a smooth and compliant transaction for products that require permits and authorization. We prioritize legal adherence and customer safety in all transactions involving regulated items.