Shipping & Delivery​

Free delivery available if you exceed the free limit amount!

We offer shipping to all EU countries. We typically use GLS for fast and cheap shipping. But other methods are available as well, such as DHL and UPS. For extra small orders we can use national post to keep the cost down, but in this case, shipment is not insured.

Shipping outside EU is also possible, depending on the type of products. Please contact us prior paying.

1. Order the Product and Specify the Delivery Method

2. You Will Receive an Order Confirmation Message

3. Wait for Your Order to Arrive

4. Receive the order and enjoy. If yo ulike it, leave a positive review!

List of shipping cost per country

CountryFromFree limitCourier
Austria14,00 200,00 GLS
Belgium14,00 200,00 GLS
Bulgaria28,00 500,00 GLS
Croatia7,00 100,00 GLS
Czech Republic20,00 300,00 GLS
Denmark16,00 300,00 GLS
Estonia25,00 400,00 GLS
Finland25,00 400,00 GLS
France20,00 300,00 GLS
Germany14,00 200,00 GLS
Greece50,00 3.000,00 GLS
Hungary20,00 300,00 GLS
Italy16,00 300,00 GLS
Latvia25,00 400,00 GLS
Lithuania20,00 300,00 GLS
Netherlands14,00 200,00 GLS
Poland20,00 300,00 GLS
Portugal28,00 500,00 GLS
Romania25,00 400,00 GLS
Slovakia20,00 300,00 GLS
Slovenia5,00 50,00 Gold Ekspres, Pošta Slovenije
Spain25,00 400,00 GLS
Sweden25,00 400,00 GLS
For other countries please contact us

Frequently asked Questions

What countries do you deliver to?

We offer shipping to all EU countries.

Shipping outside EU is also possible, depending on the type of products. Please contact us prior paying.

How do I track my oder?

Once we prepare the order, we will create a shipping label. When the courier picks up the order, you will be notified via email which will also include the tracking information so you can track the shipment.

Do you pack the order discreetly

Yes. We always pack the order so there are no outside indication of what is inside.

Also all the orders shipped to EU countries travel by land so there are no xrays or scans.

Will the order go by land or air? I don't want xrays

When we ship to EU countries, all shipments go by land by default. Except if you explicitly request to ship using next day delivery.

By land there are no xrays and no customs to open up the packages.