JRC - Just Right Carbine .45ACP Glock Mag
Manufacturer: JRC
Visitor's rating: 4.4/5, number of votes: 23488
Warranty (in months): 12

You could call it Top Gun. Instead of expensive conversion modules which turn pistols to "carbines", you can shoot cheaper and more reliable with JRC AR 15 based rifle. Plus the precision is breath taking.

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JRC or Just Right Carbines is a tactical semi-auto pistol caliber manufacturer for use in Law enforcement, sport and civil use. .
The most popular model in our teritory is the Glock magazine version in calibers 9x19mm and .45 AUTO . All magazine lenghts are supported.

At first glance, the JR Carbine is just another AR variant. Though it shares numerous parts and an outward appearance with the ubiquitous AR platform, the JR is actually of a totally different design. Unlike the AR’s gas-operated action, the JR Carbine uses a simple blowback system similar to that of the Ruger 10/22. The bolt is held forward by spring pressure and is cycled by the energy of the fired round; there are no gas tubes or pistons involved. While it doesn’t use the AR’s operating system, the JR Carbine does share with the AR its modularity and some parts commonality, so many of the myriad of AR accessories can be used on the JR.


JRC has proven itself as an outstandingly practical and cheapest solution in law enforcement and practical sport shooting because of it's support for magazines and supreme accuracy which cannot be toped by none of the conversion systems that uses pistol parts.


As a company established in 2009, JRC consists of a team of experts from many fields who share common passion to quality and practical weapons and have a combined knowledge which enables them to produce JR carbine. Their main goal is to design and manufacture simple, more reliable and useful carbines with pistol center fire ammo support.




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Category B 4
Action Type Semi-Auto
Caliber .45 ACP
Barrel 4140 CrMo
Barrel Length 412 mm
Overall Length 768 mm
Weight 2948 g

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