Webley & Scott - Empire Rifle .308win
Manufacturer: Webley & Scott
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Novi model Webley & Scott Empire rifle združuje moderne funkcije z klasičnimi elementi dizajna, vključno z italijanskim kopitom kopitom s seracijami ter visoko polirano kovino.

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The new Webley & Scott Empire rifle combines modern features with old-fashioned design elements, including a checkered Italian walnut stock and highly polished metal work.


The Empire is the type of rifle that was the standard for big game during the latter half of the 20th century, but that we don’t see as often today. I think many hunters will welcome back such style.

The Webley & Scott name has been around the gunmaking trade since 1790, though today the brand’s rifles are made far from Birmingham, England, where the company began. The Empire is built in Japan by Howa, a company that has produced everything from Armalite AR-18 clones to rifles under the Mossberg, Weatherby, and Smith & Wesson banners, as well as a variety of bolt-actions wearing its own name.



*Rifle comes without scope, Bipod.

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Category C 1
Action Type Bolt Action
Caliber .308 Winchester
Magazine Capacity 5
Barrel Stainless Steel
Barrel Length 550 mm
Weight 3400 g

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